martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Battle of Style #4

Two new collections this week

John Galliano Tribute     Marc Jacobs Tribute

Both seem amazing to me. 

I love the oriental vibes in John Galliano's collection, and I love the mysterious vibes in Marc Jacobs' collection.

But my favourite one is, definitely, Marc Jacobs.

Love black, love mystery, love feathers and leather. Love oversized clothing and furs.

So, two outfits each from one collection.

John Galliano Tribute

Marc Jacobs Tribute

And once again, your choice, VOTE IN THE POLL!

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

MAKE-UP: Step by step! #2

First of all, I'm sorry that tomorrow I couldn't submit the make-up post.

But here it is!

Just to remember, in the first entrie I talked about nude tones (which are the base of most of looks) and I made a natural make-up.

In this I'm going to apply one of my favourite rules based in that:

"If you want to pop out your eyes, use nude tones in your lips"

So today's make-up is... 

Tropical Vibes
(ok, not a surprise, you had a clue in the previous post haha)

And once again, the model is bornthiswaay!

So let's go!

We always start with a washed face.
For this make-up we will use three colours for the eyeshadow: green, orange and yellow.

We first put green in the part under the eyes, following its shape.

Then we add the yellow shadow over the eyes making a shape directed toward the top of the ears.
The we add a fine line of orange in the eyelid that gently mixed with the yellow.

If it doesn't get homogeneous, we apply again some yellow.

And we add a little bit of white shadow in the centre to join the yellow and green shadows.

Now, following the rule (at the begining of this post) we put some nude matte lipstick...

...and we give some volume to the lips with different tones of nude in the limits and some bright lipstick in the centre.

And finally, the blush as we learnt in the first post.

This is the result: 

jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

MAKE-UP: Step by step! #1

I have to confess something... Make-up is not my thing.

But I always say 
"get out of your comfort zone"

and that's what I'll do in this section!

I'll show you how I understand the make-up (although I don't usually change it, someday I'll show you the make-ups I usually use) and which are the rules I follow, step by step.

As I don't have much items in my beauty parlor, the model will be the beautiful...

(remember to click in her name to see her amazing suite and doll)

So today's about NUDE TONES (my faves)... Let's go!

Total Nude Make-up

So we start with washed face and nude lipstick.

 We work now over the lips.

Playing with different tones of lipsticks we can add lights in the centre and mark the 
limits with a darker lipstick.

As you can see, we emphasize the volume of the lips.

 The next step is applying the eye shadow.

We divide the eyes in two parts with white shadow in the centre and ocher shadow in the extremes.

You can use some mascara on the top eyelashes. If you don't, your make-up will seem more natural.

And finally the blush. 

We choose a soft nude blush to be in harmony with the rest of the make-up.
We apply it in the limits of the face to mark the cheeks and at both sides of the nose to refine it.

Et voilá! A total nude make-up in 4 simple steps!

If your skin colour is darker, the tones you should use are similar to your skin tone.

Nude tones are the base for many looks so I think this post had to be the first one.

This is one of my favourite make-ups because you can use it in most of the occasions and it's really easy to make and combine. 

It's natural and doesn't stand out, but it defines the shapes and the volume of the face.

Tomorrow next post!
(just a clue, tropical vibes)

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Extra: Coats Fever!

I have an obsession (skirts...)

Well, actually I have two obsessions: the very first, SKIRTS! And the second one... COATS!

Coats, coats, coats! In every colour, shape, lenght... COATS!

They give us the opportunity to play with textures, shapes and colours, and make infinite different combinations.

So today I bring you 7 outfits were the main pieces of them are the coats!

Miu Miu Inspired Coat

DKNY Checkered Wool Coat

DVF Cassic Black Coat

Sixties Inspired Coat

Melbourne Tribute Minimalist Coat

Green Oversized Coat

Navy Blue Coat

This is not an official "Battle of Style", but I've opened a new poll where you can vote your favourites. And you can vote more than one!

lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Battle of Style #3

So, the previous post was about mixing "rock" and "lady" styles and the winner was...

And we are back with a new battle! This time is about these two cheerleader tops:

And the two outfit that compite are:

#1: Blue Top

#2: Red Top

So, you decide which one is the best look, blue or red top? You can VOTE IN THE POLL!

domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

OOTD #26

This time this post is about a contest in the FM-Agency club called "Summer Fun Contest", in which we had to create a summer outfit with neon or bright colours typical of this season.

And this is what I've made, getting some inspiration from the Moschino Summer '15 collection for the colours combination and addind some black complements to create some contrast.

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