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Extra: Bras Fever

Wearing bras under the clothes, but showing part of them is one of the last trends, and I personally


So I guess you already know what I've done...

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New Section: My Comps!

As I love participating in contests and I also want to show you all my outfits, I've created a new section that is on the top of the page called "My Comps"...

...or click here to see it.

That section is not a review of each contest, it's just a summary of all my outfits and the results or marks I get.

And it is also a way for me to keep them and for you to see and follow them easily.

So I hope you like this new section!

Shopaholic: Subcouture Vintage CC Denim Bag

Yesterday I talked about Subcouture and the two items from the collection that stole my heart.

One of them was the Valentino Dress (see previous post) and the

Vintage CC Denim Bag

It's so wearable, you can match it with lots of different textures and colours, because 

denim goes with everything!

And that's what today's post is about:

But the best part is that both items (dress and bag) combine perfectly together!

I had to do this

viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

Shopaholic: Subcouture Valentino Dress

New Subcouture collection! And I have to admit that I only like two items: 

the Valentino dress and the Denim bag

I LOVE those two items, I can say that I really DISLIKE the rest.

So this post is about the Valentino Dress, my favourite piece of the collection.

LOVE the shape, colour and texture HATE the price haha

But I had to buy it and combine it, so here are my outfits!

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Shopaholic: Underneath Top

Have you ever bought something, such as a dress or a shirt, and thought, "this would be cooler as a skirt, or as a crop-top, or just a bit shorter?

Stardoll gives as the possibilite to change our clothing with a new to the store "Underneath Stardoll".


This top from "Underneath Stardoll" is one of the best items I've ever bought.


Because I love experimenting and trying to find new combinations, and this top lets me do it!

And I'll show you some outfits using it, specially to give a new use to dresses and tops.

Here we go!


This black top is really difficult to combine (at least to me), but as soon as I bought the underneath top, I saw it clear. 


Long coats are the best way to use the underneath top, cause you can transform long dresses into long skirts and combine them with crop tops. In this case, I also hide part of the necklace.


Again, a long coat and a dress transformed into a skirt. The dress has the same shape as the coat, but I thought that it was too boring. In my opinion, it looks much better as a skirt!


This dress is one of my fave pieces in my wardrobe, but again not easy to make a "wow!" outfit with it. This way looks so elegant, I really want that "skirt" in real life!


In the last outfit I wanted to show a more casual way to make it. This multi-layered cheerleader look is pretty cool, isn't it?

Shopaholic: Tributes

The previous post was a quick review of the current tributes in Starplaza, so now is the time to
style them!

As I don't have most of them, I've used a doll who has bought lots of items from these tributes:


So here we go!



FENDI Tribute




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Giving my opinion: Tributes

I haven't been around for a while, but I was waiting for all the tributes so I can compare them together.

So this is going to be a long post, but it was necessary!

6 tributes, 6 reviews in one post. As they've appeared really close, I think this is the best way to do it.

When the first tribute (John Galliano) arrived to Starplaza I was pretty excited. 

But then it started to appear the rest and it was like, 
ok, I'm not rich so what do I buy from each?

(let's do a quick review of each one)


(exotic and feminine)

I reaaaally like this collection. First of all, it's very detailed and it has great graphics. Textures, colours and shapes are so interesting, and there's so much variety of clothing.

My favourite pieces are, definitely, the dresses, because of their textures and colours. Also the kimonos and headwear items are great, but maybe more difficult to wear.
(ok, I love the whole collection, haha)

These are my favourite pieces:

So, I give it a huge YES!


(mysterious and elegant)

I was very impressed when I first saw this collection. It's the opposite of Galliano's one: dark and serious, but still elegant.

Grphics are still in very good quality, and textures and colours give to the collection so much personality.

There are lots of interesting pieces. I specially like the bags, furs and coats, I think they are "must have" items, they are so wearable.

So here are my favourite items:

(everyone has bought the first coat, yes, me too haha
it's definitely a "must have", specially for layered outfits!)

So, again, a big YES for this Tribute!

FENDI Tribute

(colourful and optimistic)

This is undoubtedly my favourite collection from far. I know it's not the same talking about clothing than complements, but Fendi gives me so good vibes!

I would buy all the bags and keychains!

These are my favourite items! (can I choose all of them?)

And, once again, an enormous YES to this collection!!!


(powerful and dreamy)

Well... I'm going to be honest... This tribute doesn't convince me.

I just think that there were better pieces in the real collection to choose and make a Stardoll version. This is just my opinion, idk why I had a bad feeling when I first saw it. I was expecting more, not sure what.
(maybe the problem is just that I'm crazy haha)

However, I have to admit that there are some items that I liked and graphics are good!

These are my faves:

Some items are great, but the rest didn't piqued my interest.

So sadly, I have to say NO to this collection. Or a MAYBE... not sure haha


(elegant and sophisticated)

Yes, yes, yes! I'm not a big fan of D&G, but lately I'm having a good feeling with it. And this collection is lovely and I love the contrast between the black of the whole collection and the red flowers of that coat.

It definitely reflects the personality of the brand.

My faves are these:

You already know it, but I will say it... YES again!!!


(diverse and risky)

 When I read the spoiler I was so excited, I thought "finally Jimmy Choo in Stardoll". Then the collection came out and I almost close the window in my computer haha

Graphics of some shoes are bad, some shoes doesn't fit and the collection doesn't follow a defined line.

But I have to say that I found some pairs of shoes that stole my heart:

The first and second ones have good quality and good graphics, their colours are beautiful and are really wearable.
The third one has worse graphics, but I like the design and it's also so wearable and has much personality. They are pretty cute!

In general, I have to give a huge NO to this collection.

Sooo, that's all.

I would love to know your opinion
you can vote in the poll to which collections you give a big YES!

And you can also leave comment and let us know your faves!

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