sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

OOTD #20

Normally, sporty outfits aren't much elaborated, just a width sweater, tracksuit pants, some sneakers and a backpack can be enough.

But this time, I've tried to make a more elaborated look. I've mixed textures, prints and colours.

Sporty outfits usually mix black, grey and white, but I think bright colours can look better if you combine them properly. My outfit is based in dark and soft blue, with a touch of purple.

Also tried to include different textures, as the soft sweater with the sheer skirt. Them together make an interesting contrast. Also the prints mix is there, not much evidence, in the skirt and socks.

Finally, I decided to dye the hair of purple to leave the routine of black, brown and blonde hair. Maybe grey would have looked great too!

So this is the result, a sporty, elegant and bright coloured outfit!

martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Giving my opinion: Callie's Picks, ¿yes or no?

Giving my opinion is a new section in the blog. I just talk about Stardoll issues and give my own point of view, agreeing or disagreeing.

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So today I'll talk about Callie's Picks (one of the most polemic stores in Starplaza!)

I've been in Stardoll since 2007, that's a lot (I feel really old haha). And in this time I've seen many changes in the web and specially in the stores.

One of those changes was Archive, a store that brought old items that were already out of stock back to Starplaza. 

Basically the same as Callie's Picks does nowdays, but the difference is that the items' store was renamed (for example, a Pretty'n Love skirt was no longer from Pretty'n Love and became an Archive skirt).

As far as I can remember, people didn't give much importance to the fact that some items were back in stores because in those days brands like DKNY were the really interesting ones (that's at least my point of view).

Few years after, Archive dissapears and items got more and more value. And then appears Callie's Picks, bringing back old (really old) items, casually including rare items in each collection.

My opinion:

The GOOD POINT is that items don't change their store. A Callie's item is a Callie's items. Why is that a good point? Because original and new items can be differenced, and old ones can keep their value.

These are my fave items from Callie's Picks (because they were practically impossible to find):

The BAD POINT is that they're not exclusive anymore and low prices, which is a bit unfair for dolls that have been in Stardoll for years and had paid really high prices for them.

These are some of the items I didn't want to be on Callie's (these are only some of them):

The brown bandana, for example, was being sold in Starbazaar for 600sd, but after being on Callie's Picks, it's being sold for 6-40sd. 

It's true that it gives the opportunity to everyone to buy some clothes that were difficult to get, but that's in part what it's about, isn't it?

Of course, this is just my opinion, and I personally like looking for old items and collecting them (well, some of them). 

To sum up, I wouldn't mind if Callie's Picks would dissapear someday haha! (even if my Callie's items in closet dissapear).

So, what do you think? Callie's Picks, YES or NO?

I would appreciate if you vote in the poll (top right corner of the page, anonymous) and comment if you like these kind of posts.

Shopaholic: HotBuys Lipstick Shoes

Velvet Orchid HotBuys Patent Lipstick Platforms

I fell in love when I saw these shoes in Starplaza...

... and today I bring you an outfit matching them.

They seem so romantic to me, so I decided to make a "french lady" inspiration outfit and this is the result. A red-blue-black colours combo.

domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Extra: Piercings, piercings, piercings!

One of the last trends are... PIERCINGS! Mouth, nose, ears, eyebrows... Wherever you want!
I personally love them, they give a lot of personality to any look and can be combined with any style.
These are my favourites, the golden ones in the nose and mouth. They look so elegant.





As you see, any kind of style can be completed with some piercings.

OOTD #19

I just bought this Herve Leger pair of shoes (I think I fell in love with them) and I couldn't wait to match them!

As they have a strange greenish grey colour (I really don't know how to describe this colour haha) and they seem comfortable, it came to my mind a autumn-winter comfy street style.

I created a first outfit, nothing much special, but as it is said... "Less is more".

But then I found a dress in my closet with the same colour as the shoes, and it went perfectly with the outfit. I just changed the hat and bottom part.

In my opinion, the second outfit is my favourite of both. The dress gives a trendy touch to the outfit.

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