miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

OOTD #85


Styling: HB Denim Cut Off Long Shorts

I wanted to style these HB shorts because I've seen lots of  bad opinions about them, saying they were ugly and that who was going to buy them. 

I also thought that when I first saw them, but I always say give it a chance, and then tell me again what you think about it!

I decided to create 3 outfits with 3 different styles, so you can see it is really wearable! 
But there's something that they have in common and I think it works with these shorts: 

denim + denim

I am so happy with the results that now I want them haha!

I won't pay 20sd for them, but if I see them in the bazaar for cheaper, I'll buy them for sure!

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