domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

OOTD #16

A walk into fashion history.

Inspired by Prada Tee, 60's skirt, 40's Mary Jane shoes and Pop Art purse.

E... Voilà!

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 4 "Review"

Two clues for this task: Funeral and black. Enough.

Funerals are a serious thing, and you have to dress in an appropriate way. That's what this task was about.

Here's my outfit: long black dress with laced sleeves and little silver complements. Elegant, simple and appropriate. Hair and make-up were also very important in this task.

There were beautiful looks this time, as the ones of CoralCool91, roco_90 and kickherout:

This time everyone did a great job, all outfits were appropriate, but only three of them gave me that extra touch that I was looking for in this task:



The typical long black dress with that fringed jacket just looks amazing.



Multi-layered, minimalist and sober. Looks great to me!

And finally, my favourite: platinumgals


Elegant, feminine and sophisticated.

I have to congrat to all contestants, because I really enjoyed this task thank to them. Loved your looks!

sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

OOTD #14

This outfit is based on one of the wonderful designs of yulissahermosa, which are inspired by artworks.

One of my faves is "The Scream" by Munch. And I couldn't resist creating an outfit as soon as I got it. So here it is!

lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 3 "Review"

"Less is more"

This time Mireia and Judith propose us to make an outfit inspired by Swedish style, which is comfy and minimalist.
This task has been one of my faves because I loooove minimalistic style! You can say and transmit a lot with basic clothing.

And... here's my outfit: tri-coloured, no prints and smooth textures.

JUDGE: Marta-43

What was important to me in this task? Two words: COMFY + ELEGANT

There were really interesting looks, I really liked the outfits made by CoralCool91, sweet_gal11, yulissahermosa and MissAngelFace..

But these that made me say "wow!" are...:



This outfit is elegant and impecable, and the combination with the skin tone and that hair is stunning.



This outfit got my max. mark, I had to give her a 10 cause I think it's just perfect. I wouldn't change anything. Everything matches perfectly and the whole outfit looks so great! Here I can see the "comfy + elegant" combo that corresponds to swedish style.

I have to say that total white and total black looks are my weakness! And that leads us to the next task... Making an outfit for a funeral (with just one clue, BLACK!).

Here's my outfit:

JUDGE: Marta-43

Will comment it next week. Can't wait to see your outfits girls!

domingo, 10 de enero de 2016

OOTD #11

Today I bring you another outfit with masculine inspiration (as you can see in the OOTD #10 entrie). 

This time a make a yellow-black multi layered outfit with some british gentleman vibes. My fave part: the vest with golden buttons and the loafers.

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 2 "Review"

Here I am again with my opinion about Task 2! This time contestants had to create an outfit combining a red turtleneck which can be found in Starplaza.

This was my outfit, with a good colours combination, but a bit simple because I did want contestants to use their creativity.

What would have I done in this task? As the garment we have to combine is simple and basic, we can do whatever we want with it. I mean, we can add so many different textures, colours, kind of accessories, etc. That's the reason why my highest marks goes to those who have taken some risks, and not only combined the turtleneck with some basic pants and a coat.

And I have to say that I'm really happy about the results of this task, soooo... here are my faves!

Roco_90, CoralCool91. MissAngelFace. and platinumgals


These outfits looks sooo great, each one with her own style!

But... The two I like the most are:


What I love in this look is the colour combo's (how the red turtleneck stands out and how she has combined black with that dark blue skirt, that helps the outfit not to be much serious) and the hair, which goes perfectly with the outfit.


What I like in this outfit is the creative idea of matching the skirt with the pants. That's something we don't usually do, but we should! But what I like the most is the mixing styles, the romantic skirt and hair and the black-brown combination, which gives so much personality to this outfit.

Good job to everyone, I just loved this task!

jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

OOTD #10

"Boyfriend looks" are one of my faves. Most of them usually follow some general guides, such as shirts, pantsuit, oxford shoes or moccasins, etc, but at the same time each one can be so much different from the rest.

The most important thing when you wear a masculine look is being feminine. I mean, the garments you choose have to give a masculine touch, not convert you into a men.

In this case, I have decided to use a black-grey-white colour combination and create an working outfit. I have chosen a high striped pantsuit which makes my doll look taller and accents the shape of the hips. Also the hairband gives the feminine touch that needs this look.

My favourite part of this look is the shirt with these classic shoulder pads, and the suspenders.

martes, 5 de enero de 2016

FM-Style: Cycle 11 - TASK 1 "Review"

Just to remember, Task 1 was about making an outfit with a white shirt and blue jeans, as Lana del Rey says in her "Blue jeans" song.

I am so happy that all the contestants completed the task and did a great job!

What I was expecting in this task was giving an extra touch to the simple combination of the shirt and jeans. I think that's only the base and it's easy to match that with a coat and some heels, so I wanted contestants to surprise me.

I love how MissAngelFace. and sweet_gal11 take a risk and use their creativity to create these two outfits.


Also the little details are important to me. That's what I like about the outfits of roco_90 and kickherout.


And finally, the winner of this task: platinumgals! Also one of my favourites, this outfits gives me so good vibes. As I say in my feedback, it's a mix of elegance and fun. Love the flared jeans, the hippie bag and the hat!

domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Shopaholic: Callie's Picks Nº 55

I know I'm a bit late, but I bring you a post about the Callie's Picks Nº 55. It was a Christmas collection where I (and most of people in Stardoll) bought the "Mary Kate Fur". 

The original fur, one of the most wanted and difficult items to find. So I think Callie's Picks made us a favour getting it back to ours stores haha

So today's post is about it, I bring you three outfits using this fur. And I have to say that all of them are pretty elegant, but it can also go well in a street casual look.





There's a new Callie's Picks collection called "Faux Fur". I bought the Jacket 2 and I wanted to use it, so today's outfit is a casual comfy winter look.

The base are these striped wool pants, that give a hippie touch to the look, combining with the style of the round glasses. 

As the pants are a bit wide, I think the best option is adding some high platforms. In every winter outfit, you must wear warm garments, so in this case I add a a jacket and a coat over it.

Finally, a nude make-up and the natural hair complete this casual look.

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