martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

Review: Stardoll feat.

New store where the dolls are the protagonists!
Three dolls, three floors, three styles:

This first floor is designed by Amy.-.Winehouse is maybe a bit excentric for me. It's inspired by Medusa, which is a good idea, but this is not exactly the result I was expecting...

Although I don't like much the collection, there are two items I don't "hate". These are the ripped denim skirt and the blue fur coat.

(and yes, I'm styling them!)

The second floor has been designed by Charley24 in a victorian style. It is elegant, but maybe too simple. She could have played much more with bows and laces, and adding more cute shoes.

The items I like from this floor are the white shirt and the black sweater, but I decided to style other items too:

(using boots from third floor too in the last outfit)

And finally the best floor (from my point of view) designed by Frankieiz12
More casual, more trendy and more wearable, my fave without doubts!

I like everything in this floor and of course couldn't help buying some!
(I bought the brown skirt, sheer boots and beige boots)

OOTD #50

Gucci vibes!

And as I've made this outfit in Starplaza (based in the new Pretty'n Love collection), here are the items I've used:

Hair - MS.TQ
Glasses - Mr
Blouse - Pretty'n Love
Dress - Pretty'n Love
Belt - Riviera
Bag - LE
Socks - Runway
Shoes - Pretty'n Love

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

Review: LE

Lately I don't have much time to write in the blog and I know I don't usually make reviews, but this LE worths it!

First of all, Stardoll gave us a spoiler in Starplaza saying which day was releasing the collection, and that's something I really appreciate cause I aaaalways miss them haha!

SO, this time I was refreshing the page all the time until the store opened and...

(this is unbelievable...) It wasn't showed up the whole collection and I missed some great items... 

(the most wanted, I know)
But no worries, I've asummed that I'm not a lucky person haha (I can live with that)

Anyways, I LOVED this collection. And it wasn't easy to choose which items I wanted to buy.

My faves would be...

I didn't buy the dresses because the prices were too high for me and I prefer buying them in Starbazaar 
(if I still want them, in Starbazaar these kind of dresses are sold for less than orginial price, just saying)

Also de jewellery is beautiful... I think all the earrings and necklaces were just perfect. Not thinking the same about the bracelets... Maybe too simple for being LE items.

And my other faves that I bought are...

When I saw the boots I thought "mine mine mine"! I think they are so wearable!

About the pink fur... IT IS A PINK FUR! Nothing else to say.

The jeans... I wanted to buy the one in the previous collection (that were practically the same, but low rise) so I didn't doubt about buying them!

And I could only buy one earring but that's okay, it looks great on one side!

And finally one of my faves too... A prize that I won in the Stardoll's Most Wanted blog (thanks again Jenna!).

Loving its oriental vibes!

And here it comes... the best part... styling them!

#1: LE D&G Inspired Fur and LE Oversized Ivy Earring

#2: LE Oversized Ivy Earring

#3: LE Vetements Inspired Patch Jeans

#4: LE Super High Velvet Boots

And finally I just LOOOVE the gift you get when you buy something. Those striped ears are pretty cute (and yes, had to style them too!)

On the catwalk: Heneda

Loving every detail of this outfit from Heneda. She included lots of complements, but still not looking overwhelmed. And that top was made for those shoes!

sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016

Decoration: Outfit inspiration

I created this outfits, and wanted to post it as OOTD. But I couldn't find the perfect background for it so I started adding a few items to my room and ended up making a complete room around my outfit.

And this is the result:

(click in the pic to see it bigger)

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

On the Catwalk: Mh91

Amazing layering work in this outfit from Mh91, playing with the sleeves, sheer textures and ruffled clothes!

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2016

On the Catwalk: natusia_182

Amazing colour contrast in this outfit from natusia_182! Never thought that these two colours could work together, but they really do! Even without the purple bag and scarf, it would look great thanks to those textures. Loving it so much!

On the Catwalk: ManiakPupili

Lovely outfit from ManiakPupili this time! Loving the contrast between the textures of the coat and pants (that, btw, are made of two skirts, brilliant right?!) and the stripes mix of the scarf and bag!

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