lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Battle of Style #6

A new Rio collection, which I don't really like much, excepting a few items that got me like "I need them I need them I need them!". 

They are the Mini Faux Leather Bag and Sheer Green Tiger Top:

I loved the print of the top and its colours combo, although they are not much usual. It's not easy to find clothes of these green and purple tones. And as it already has four different colours, I think they are enough to make interesting combinations.

I've made two different outfits using both items...


#2 it's your turn to vote your favourite! 

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Review: Tingeling Halloween Couture

Long time since I made the last review! But there is a new Halloween Couture collection from Tingeling and I had to share with you my opinion.

I usually don't like these kind of collections because they have excentric dresses and clothes that are difficult to match or really limited.

But this time I have to say that it has surprised me in a good way!

In general, the textures are fine and the prices are reasonable, excepting the dresses, they are too expensive in my opinion.

About the Halloween thing, it has a mysterious touch, but I was expecting more in that way. Plus I think that the snake thing doesn't work properly. The only two "snake" items that I really like are the Serpentine Headpiece and the Chunky Serpentine Necklace. Actually I like the Lace Body excepting for the golden snake...

It still has long dresses, but this time they are simple and monochromatic, which lets us making lots of different combinations. My favourite long dress is undoubtedly the Chiffon Beaded Gown, it emphasizes the body shapes and has a beautiful fall.

The Cobra Coctail Dress is another lovely item from this collection. It has a beautiful neckline and I really think it can be part of great outfits so I'm sure I'll end up buying it.

Finally, what did I buy...?

These three items are my faves from the collection. I think they have a lot of personality and can be the main piece in any look.

And yes, I made some outfits!

Serpentine Tuxedo Jacket: love the shapes, lines and textures possible combinations here. (I had to add the room cause' the outfit goes great with it!)

Chunky Serpentine Necklace: looking great over a plane top.

Emerald Booties: Maybe the most difficult to wear, but finally did!

As always, you can give your opinion in the comments! Also check the previous posts if you missed them!

On the catwalk: sindiralle

Loving this outfit created by sindiralle! I definitely wouldn't change a thing. The way she has layered the different sweaters to make it match with the trousers print is brilliant.

Also the shoes are layered. She turned the LE ultra modern flats into some cute ballerina flats that go perfectly with the rest if the outfit.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

OOTD #43

oh my Karl

I was bored of that Fendi bag, so I added some extras to give it a new look inspired by the Fendi Karl Keychain!

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

On the catwalk: Nitielll......

The first thing that attracted my attention of this outfit from Nitielll...... was the changes she's made in the Evil Panda Panda Slit Skirt. Maybe this skirt is a bit limited to be matched because of the draws in the bottom, but this is a great way to make it so much wearable! (she just added some black belts at the top and bottom of the skirt)

Another thing that I think is brilliant are the keychains that she made just re-sizing other bags (I really need to try that in my doll too haha)

Such a colourful and creative outfit, love it!

Extra: Sets

One of my favourite styling combinations are sets

Yes, those clothes with same prints, colours, shapes... that have been design to wear together!

And people can think that wearing sets is the "easy way" to make an outfit, or maybe is being lazy... But it isn't at all! If you do it well, you can get great results!

Let's see some inspiration

In this kind of looks, complements are the most important thing
They can give it that special touch to stand out.

I also wanted to join this trend, so I chose some sets from my closet...
(the first one is still available in Starplaza, in Voile)

...and made some outfits!

Also wanted to share with you this StarDesign set (and outfit) made by Meeermer and inspired by Alena Akhmadullina:

Pretty cool right?

Well, it's been a long post, but there were lots of thing to share with you!

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

Battle of Style #5

Today is all about SLEEVES!

I've created an outfit for the OOTD post, but I wasn't sure about the sleeves, so what better than making a poll and letting you to choose!

Let's see the options:





Now is your turn to vote!

Don't forget to vote in the INFO post! (click here)

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Shopaholic: Little Black Dress

Today's post is about the LBD (little black dress). A "must have".

One of the most important "must have" in our closet, in my opinion.

And I wanted to share with you a concrete dress that I found in Starbazaar:

 You can find it for a very cheap price, I bought it for 10sd, but I've seen it recently for only 4sd!

This dress is so simple that you can make lots of different combinations! 

I've tried to make different looks and styles:

 #1: New York, New York

#2: Mrs. Perfect

#3: Soft Grunge 

#4: Laces 
(when was the las time you wore a black top with just some jeans? 
Make your own version of the top-jeans combo!)

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016


I wanted to make a post with some info just to organize the blog, tell you about new ideas and know your opinion about everything:

First of all, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy writing in the blog. Sometimes I'm too busy to submit entries for weeks, so I'm sorry for that.

It started as a personal blog, and it is still a personal blog, but I want to know your opinion and try to improve it.


Right now there are 9 sections in the club.
  1. Battle of Style: facing outfits in a poll
  2. Decoration: showing you cool suites from other dolls
  3. Extra: talking about trends
  4. Giving my opinion: talking about Stardoll issues (a bit inactive because it takes much time)
  5. Make-up: showing you make-up tip (a bit inactive because make-up is not much my thing haha)
  6. OOTD: outfit of the day
  7. Review: telling my opinion and combining the new collections
  8. Shopaholic: matching a concrete item
  9. On the catwalk: showing you great outfits from great dolls

Some of them are more inactive because I don't have much time to spend on them or I just prefer submiting other sections.

I would like to know your opinion about them:

3. Battle of Style

Battle of Style is back! I think it can be really interesting to adapt this section and add new ideas:

Until now I just faced two outfits created by me, but this time...
  1. I will also face outfits from different dolls that combines the same item or items
  2. I will mix this section"Battle of Style" with the section "Review" and show you looks from the new collections.
I think it can be interesting and I hope you like these new entries!

4. Participation

I love reading your comments and I knowing if you like or not my entries, so thank you to you all :')

And you can also ask for things here! If you want me to combine a concrete item, or talking about something, or submit more posts from any section, or whatever you want... Just let me know!

And of course, if you have any challenge that you want me to do, tell me about it (love challenges haha)

5. Contests
I've been thinking about making a contest or raffle here in the blog. But I don't know if there are people who would participate in them. 

They would consist of making outfits and the prizes would be a wishlist item or something from my wardrobe.

So just for me to know...

And that's all, thank you for reading my blog!

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

On the Catwalk: ashshila

Pink is not my thing, but I just fell in love with this outfit of ashshila. My first thought was "cuuuute!"

Ash always surprises me, in a good way sure! She does amazing layering works and this is a clear example of it. 

My favourite part of this look is the face: a hair-do that we never wear, and appropriate make-up and complements that complete the outfit.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Shopaholic: HB's Armani Dress

Well, this is a funny story... Not at first, but it is now...

What happened was that I was in Starbazaar looking for some items, when I suddenly clicked in the wrong place and bought a dress by mistake... 

So I spent 18sd in something that I didn't even like... (at least it wan't a 100sd mistake) haha!

I'm talking about this dress:

The Hot Buys Armani Inspired Dotty Dress

At that moment I was like... "Really?" hahaha

But as you already know, I like challenges so I told myself that I could give it a chance and try matching it before putting it on sale again.

And I really like the results!

What first came to my mind was making the typical outfit with just some golden shoes and clutch, but then I decided to go further and being more creative. This is what came out:

I transformed it into a skirt. It wasn't easy as the bottom is huge so I had to add some gloves to make the hands.

This is my favourite of both! I make it part of another dress.

Although I like these two outfits and I'm really proud of them, I think I will sell it anyway because I don't think I am wearing it again...

But it's been interesting! Maybe I buy something else "by mistake" in another occasion hahaha

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