jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

In the street: Sporty skirts

Today a bring you a new section in the blog. It's called "In the street" and, as its name says, it's about street style. I'll make a few outfits getting inspired from the "every day woman".

And every post will be about a specific theme. And this time is "sporty skirts"!

When we wear skirts we usually combine them with heels or flats, but I love the skirt-sneakers combination. You can be feminine and comfy at the same time, and these outfits have a lot of personality.




So here are my outfits:




lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 8 "Review"

Not an easy task at all, adapting an outfit to the street basing in an outfit made for a performance is complicated because they usually are a bit weird haha! But it's posible so here we go!

As no one have made the outfit basing in Ariana Grande, and I couldn't make mine for the examples, I will now (although I'm not a big fan of her):

She has a lovely and girly style, but she's a diva at the same time. She usually wear lady clothing with short skirt and high platforms, so that's what I've tried to reflect in this outfit.

The key in this task was forgeting about the personal style and trying to imagine that you are the artist.

So this time a have two favourites:



domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 7 "Review"

"Riding on my bike": This task was free style, but that can be a big problem if you don't understand the task or you aren't much inspired.

To me, the key in this task is the phrase "imagine you're attending a fashion week and to get there you're going by bike". Now there are two main concepts: fashionable and comfortable.

JUDGE: Marta-43

Fashionable: make people remember your outfit, make them say wow!
Comfortable: no high thin heels.

There was beautiful outfits in this task, but the one that really got my attention was:



Beautiful and delicated. Love every detail in this outfit!

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 6 "Review"

Omg, I haven't written for three weeks... I'm sorry, I was so busy, but I'M BACK! And I bring you the review of the TASK 6.

"Classic man": It was about wearing like a boy, yeah, like a boy. The main idea of this task was wearing LIKE A MAN, not with men inspirations.

JUDGE: Marta-43

I really enjoyed this task, everyone did a great job so I had to include most of the outfits!

roco_90, yulissahermosa and MissAngelFace.

And my favourites:



I just love this outfit, it's classic and so chic! And every detail is carefully placed in the outfit. I really can imagine men wearing this!



That jacket is my weakness in this look, love the dance touch here!

I have to say that the competition is getting harder and harder!

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

OOTD #17

Rock it, girl!

Well, in this outfit I was just experimenting with clothing, and had fun matching different items, as the skirt showing only a part thanks to the long cut shirt. (I think I used four belts to make the top of the skirt haha)

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 5 "Review"

Jewellery, luxe and wealth were some of the hints for this task!

To sum up, creating an outfit to transmit a luxury life, focused on jewellery.

My outfit for this task is based in a great huge necklace. I wanted it to stand out, so I combined it with a total white look.

I really liked the outfits of sweet_gal11, JanetteLow, platinumgals and kickherout, each one giving to her look her creative personal touch:

But my favourite ones were:


Not a fan of the skirt, actually I have never known how to combine it, but in this outfit looks so great!


This is my absolutely favourite outfit from this task, no doubt. This colour block look gives me life!

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