miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

Shopaholic: It Girls Blue Bands Blouse

Time ago I bought this cute blouse with blue bands in their sleeves. 

I did like it when I bought it and I like it now, but the fact is that I never knew how to match it.

But these days I've been creating new outfits and I've made some using this shirt by chance. So I wanted to share them with you!

I made this outfit because I wanted to wear the Callie's Picks Yellow Pants with some bright colours.

 And in this one, the item I wanted to wear was the dress (which I loooove but never wear).

So as you can see, you can use something you never wear at the most unexpected moment!

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Shopaholic: Runway

I love Runway since the first time I saw the store.

High Couture. Good quality. Creative clothing.

And last time I couldn't buy the items I wanted to buy (I saw it too late) but now they're in Starbazaar and I could buy them!

If I had to choose one of them would be the Rodarte Inspired Faux Fur

But also the Vivienne Westwood Inspired Boots are so trendy and so wearable. 

So I love both!

And as they match perfectly I've made one outfit with both items. I don't usually wear jeans in Stardoll but this time I wanted to make a casual look with them.

It's simple but I love how it matches with the make-up and hair too, and the jeans stand out.

jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016

Review: FCI Runway Plaid Task

This time I wanted to share with you and outfit from the Fashion Cycle I of the FM-Agency club.

I don't usually do this, but I was pretty happy with the result of the task and just wanted to share it and comment it!

The task was about making a Runway outfit with plaid print.

So I got some inspiration...

(my fave insp)

(this cape was EVERYWHERE!)

(looks familiar...)

(I adore Moschino)

I love the plaid with plaid idea, but I wanted to give it a turn and make something different.

So I finally opted for a prints mix: plaid with floral print!

Dark and feminine, here it is!

I think the colours combo is perfect, and each print stands out in its own, but go perfectly together. So yes, I love my outfit. I'm proud of it haha!

Hope you like it too (I don't usually flatter myself this way, I promise haha!)

(I wanted to include some outfits of other contestants that I really liked, but I can't find the album of the cycle )

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Shopaholic: New Stores! #1

So, as I promised in the last post, here are the outfits using some of the items from the new stores in Starplaza.

There were many stores and I've made many looks too (7 looks) with a quick description of each!

#1: RUNWAY Ruffle Dress

This is my favourite item with no doubt. It's fresh and gives me spring vibes! It's always difficult to combine a detailed dress in a creative way (not only with some shoes and a bag). 

I'm pretty happy with this outfit, I think the skirt matches perfectly with the dress because black details join both clothes.

#2: VINYL Socks and shoes

Here, the style of the Martens shoes flows in the rest of the outfit. It's trendy, feminine and vintage. I feel like walking down the old streets in Chicago or New York!

#3: ACTIVE Track Suit Jacket

Elegant and sophisticated looks are boring. They're cooler with sporty clothes!

#4: MMF Pucci Inspired Pants

These pants are great, but difficult to combine (at least to me!). Finally I've opted for a daily and comfy look, because we never use flats in Stardoll and we definitely should!

#5: VINYL Adidas Sandals

I have to say it again. THEY ARE SOOOO GREAT! So trendy! 
And yes, I'm a freak who wears them with socks, AND I LOVE IT!

#6: VINYL Hipster T-Shirt

I've used also the Active sneakers and they really pop out. But I based this outfit in the T-shirt.

A basic tank with some sporty pants (with a great plastic texture, which is the main piece of the outfit) and complements in black. I just love this! 

#7: TRAILS Sporty Skirt

This skirt got me like... *.*! I didn't want to make a very detailed outfit, and either a sporty outfit. So I decided to make a simple, comfy and chic look with only 5 basics. And I love the result!

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016

Review: New Stores!

Back again after my holidays!

I was away for two weeks and I left a few entries programmed. But now I'm back!

These days Stardoll has brought some new stores so this post is will be a quick review of each.
(and yes, the next post will be styling them!)

RUNWAY. this store takes me back to spring time, with soft colours and lots of flowers, animals and different prints. At first sight, a very good impression. My fave items are the Chanel Inspired Parrot Cardie, the Michael Kors Inspired Purse, the Red Valentino Inspired Dress, and finally the Erdem Inspired Ruffle Dress!

MMFashion. I have never liked this store because of the shapes and prints. It's not my style, that's all. But I have to say that this time there are some items that are not bad, like the Buttoned White Maxi skirt or the Resort White Coverup. But I definitely fell in love with the Pucci Inspired Print Pants and the Roksanda Inspired Midi Dress!

ACTIVE. Maybe my favourite store from all of them! Young and fresh! It brings us one of my fave trends right now, sport clothing! Perfect to make comfy outfits, there are lots of possible combinations. And what is the best of this store? The starcoins items. Yes. Finally. FINALLY! (I think we all said that when we saw it haha)! My fave items are the Track Suit Jacket and Pants, the Comfy Sweatpants, all the sneakers *.* and the Military Training Top.

TRAILS. I have opposite feelings about this store. Actually it doesn't convince me. The good thing is that there are starcoins items, the bad thing is the quality, basically the prints. They are really bad. So I (as everyone) will buy the starcoins items. And maybe one or two stardollars items. Maybe. My faves are the Blue Maxi Dress, the Gold Feather Bandana Necklace and the Jersey Drawstring Skirt (this skirt really stole my heart *.*)!

PEARLS. Again bad quality and not my style. This store is a NO to me. And, yes, once again what I like is the starcoins items. So my "faves" are the Wide Leg Pants and the Mini Tiffin Bag.

VINYL. Trendy! This store has been a great surprise for me! It reflects the style of the teenagers right now. And again, starcoins items and cheap prices. I want to buy most of these clothes, but in real life haha! Ok, my faves are the Vintage Bagy Jeans, the Block Coloured Cout and (I have to name these items all together because I can't choose my fave fave fave one) the Fishnet Black Socks, the Martens Inspired Lace Up Shoes and the Adidas Inspired Sandals (ok, maybe the Adidas sandals are my fave).

And that's all!

I would love to know if you agree or disagree with me. I'm still saving money to buy all the items I want to buy, because lately Stardoll is bringing the new stores all together haha!

(Next post: styling them!)

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016

Shopaholic: Balmain Tribute Beige High Boots

High boots are definitely not my thing. But it doesn't matter, I try anyways haha

This time there's one item from the new Balmain's collection that caught my eye!

The Soft Beige Thigh Highs

I had already bought other high boots before: the black ones from Balmain too, and the brown ones from Bizou (among others).

and yes, I've made two extra outfits yaaaay!

So, this is my try for the beige Balmain boots!

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