viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Shopaholic: Choag's Jacket

And today I'll talk about another cheap item easy to find in Starbazaar!

The Fallen Angel Choag's Jacket

This jacket is really easy to find for a low price (I got it for only 3sd) and I think it's so wearable and easy to combine.


This look is based on the contrast between the dark colour of the jacket and the light blue pants, and the contrast between the prints mix and the plane pants.
So the pants are essential in this outfit.

What I like in this look is basically the necklace going down the neckline.

And finally my favourite outfit. It has dark and mysterious vibes, as if she was the wicked witch of the movie!

I love this section because it means going out of my zone of comfort and taking risks!

I'll submit more entries like this one and I love challenges so if you want me to make a post of a specific item, just let me know!

jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

Shopaholic: Shakira Dress

Today I bring you another item that seems to be hated by everyone. 

I'm talking about the Folk Shakira Dress

I've seen it in Starbazaar many times for really cheap prices (as you can see in the pic, I got it for 2sd) and at first view I didn't like it and never thought in buying it.

But some time ago I decided to give it a chance and... well... I love every outfit I've made with it!

Judge for yourself:

As I don't like the top of the dress and that belt, I've used it as a skirt thanks to lots of layers and oversized sweaters.

And also tried to make it in a casual and an elegant way.

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016

Decoration: sergioa

I've never been good at decoration here in Stardoll. Honestly, I prefer spending my money in clothes than in furniture. That's why I really admire people who has beautiful suites!

Today I wanted to show you the suite of sergioa

I love these rooms because they follow the same style: a play of grey planes (walls and floors) with sutil additions of bright colours in different shapes that caught the eye.

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016

On the Catwalk: Sweet_gal11


I'm a bit bored of my closet, so this section is about finding new models to show you new outfits.

Sometimes I'll be dressing the models, sometimes I'll just show you the outfits they're wearing, sometimes both things.

Today we start with...

(click to see her suite)

This time I've made the outfit layering soft and delicate clothes which thanks to the sheer seem to be moving. The black solid complements break with that "heaven idea".

Shopaholic: Pom Pom Pumps

Some time ago I got these Jimmy Choo Pom Pom Pumps thanks to a contest.

I've never been sure about them as they're difficult to combine (at least for me). 

But today I've tried to match them and I'm pretty happy with the results!

I had no idea of how to do it, so first of all I got some inspiration:

All of them include soft, delicate and minimalist clothes. No prints and no rough textures.

So I'll follow these lines (more or less) to make my outfits!

Similar to the second insp outfit. Minimalist. Black and white. Vest, shirt and shorts.

I wanted to make something different to these lines so I included prints and textures, but also in a formal way.

 Casual and young. Once again, combining sporty and classic clothes.

After this post I think I love these heels!

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