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On the catwalk: RetroFresh

A perfect example of how creating a winter outfit by layering warm clothes, perfect for this season!

Model: RetroFresh


This hasn't been my favourite D&G collection, but I have to say that it keeps true to the brand style...

...and there are some nice items:

I bought these earrings and skirt, and also the pomodori dress, but I think I will purchase a few items more.

After this quick review of the store, let's go to my fave part, styling it:

Wearing the Inspired Pasta Skirt

Wearing the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Pomodoro Dress 
(obssesed with this dress, reminds me to the Mc Donalds collection of Moschino, but in the italian version)

I've seen lots of looks with this collection, here there are some of my faves!

ManiakPupili wearing the Inspired Embroided Vest and Inspired Band Skirt

Meeermer wearing the Inspired Band Skirt

Linfef wearing the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Brooch

miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2016

FM-STYLE "Review": Cycle 13 - RELEASE!

New cycle in FM-Style club! YAAAAY!

First of all, for those who doesn't know what I'm talking about:
FM-Style is a Stardoll club created by Mireia (Mirdith) and Judith (Judith_25), two lovely and super stylish sisters, as you can see in their blog The Stylish Stardoll Sisters (SSS)!

I leave here the links so you can take a look at everything!
Mireia's suite (click here)
Judith's suite (click here)
FM-Style club (clik here)
SSS blog (click here)

The cycles are contests composed of tasks with eliminations where the participants have to style their own dolls the best they can according to the rules of each task.

Finally, there are 2 winners who get amazing prizes!

I know this club since a few years ago and I never get bored of it!


 I love participating in everything and as I didn't apply for this cycle, I'll be following, giving my opinion and making the tasks on my own, just for fun!

You can check the judges and contestants clicking here


Something I like from this judging team is the different styles of each one. That's important to be fair with the points and the results.

This is how I see them: Mireia and Judith always following the last trends, Maurice (kickherout) true to his lady french style, Sia (bella98twilight) always on point with her elegant "bad girl" outfits and Lucy (SunnySidesSue) "who dares, wins!"

All of them have great things and I don't know Lucy much, but I think her style is the most similar to mine. Or maybe Sia's style too!


There are a lot of new faces around here and it's great! I'm really excited to see their tasks!
I don't know some of them so maybe I change my mind in a few weeks, but here are my favourites:

THE OLD ONES: Andrea (Andre1396), Navi (vousme) and Stefan (Sweet_gal11). I'm so happy to see them again in the cycle, they never dissapoint!

THE NEW ONES: Monika (the_chuba), Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) and Whitney (strobarycake). I know them from their suites in Stardoll and I have to say that I've always loved their sense of fashion, Can't wait to see their outfits!

THE UNKNOWN TO ME: I hearsay know Leticia (leiona_-) but never went to her suite and now I've visited it, I have to say that I really like her style! Furthermore, I had never heard about Alicja (alusiak123) but it's definitely one of my faves too for now!


I've participated in 3 cycles and from my point of view one of the keys is being ambicious in your looks

What does this mean? 

Taking risks (I think I repeated these two words like a million times when I was judging the cycle 11 hahaha). But I really think so, because you can complete the task going safe, but when your outfit has a surprise factor and make the judges say "wow!" you get lots of extra points! Just saying!

And that also keep people interested in what you're doing. I also want to say "WOW!"

Aaaaand that's all, these are just my first impressions of the cycle, we'll see what happens next!

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jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

Gift-o-Meter CHALLENGE #3

I'm back for the final post of the Gift-O-Meter Challenge!

I styled until number 7, so in this post I will finish styling 8, 9 and 10!

I have to say that the most difficult item was the purple dress, but I'm pretty happy with the result., hope you like it too!

Here we go!

8.1 GOM Pink Diamond Choker
This choker was asking for a super chic look!

8.2 GOM Lavender Silk Gown
The most difficult item to combine... Nothing fitted it! But then I found that shirt and those earrings, and I love the final outfit, it's pretty cute!

9. GOM Love More Tshirt Dress
I hate this dress, it's not my style at all. It gives me some 80's vibes and I think that my outfit reflects that! Now I don't hate it as much as before haha

10.1 GOM Plexi Nude Heels
For these heels I went for a sweet, delicate and romantic total white look with golden details. I love the result!

10.2 Hair and GOM Plexi Nude Heels
When I first put the hair on my doll I thought "omg I look like a Barbie!"... And yes, I still think so haha! But I didn't try to hide it or cover it with something. In fact, I tried quite the opposite making a feminine and elegant outfit. 
And I added the shoes again cause they go perfectly with the outfit, right? 

10.3 GOM Fade Out Black Denim
For this outfit I tried to give some... light to the jeans because they're a bit plane, so I think that these tones of green and blue go perfectly and make the outfit brighter!

I'm a bit dissapointed with those jeans because they are practically the same as the ones of the last LE collection, but in black. LE is supossed to be limited and unique, right? I really think that Stardoll shoudn't do these kind of things, even if it's not an LE item it seems like Stardoll becomes a bit lazy sometimes... (I had to complain about this, sorry haha)

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did and if you liked this, I'll do more challenges!

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

Shopaholic: Active Loose Trainer Jeans

A few months ago there were some new stores in Starplaza that included starcoins items, which in part is great because eeeeeverything is always in stardollars. 

However, these sc items are normally not much interesting and most of times we don't even buy them.

These ACTIVE Loose Trainer Pants is a clear example of that...

They are not much expensive and I saw possibilities on them, so I bought them aaaand... 

yes, time to style them!

I wanted to experiment and try to create different styles with them. 
And I also have to say that I think that the red lips are the perfect complement for the pants!

1. Rockin' it

2. Shine bright 

3. I'm a... Samurai? 

And that's all, hope you give them a chance! I'm sure you can make amazing outfits with them... and for a super cheap price!

Gift-o-Meter CHALLENGE #2

Let's continue styling the Christmas gift-o-meter items!

In the first post I styled the items 1-4, if you missed it you can see it clicking here!

Today I'll combine numbers 5-7. These three items have been the easiest to style, cause I found the perfect match as soon as I saw them!

5. GOM Zanotti Inspired Platforms

I don't like that the golden tone of these heels is too yellow, but to be honest they go perfectly with that Gucci skirt, right?

6. GOM Silver Jacket
This jacket... isn't ugly but it's not my style. Maybe too "good girl" to me. But it is great to give a chic touch to an informal outfit!

7. GOM Camo Faux Coat 

My fave piece of the gift-o-meter (and everyone fave too, I think haha), but if it was a Starplaza item I think I wouldn't have bought it... About the outfit, what's better than camo + camo?

Stay tuned for the final post of this challenge!

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

Gift-o-Meter CHALLENGE #1

These days Stardoll has added this Gift-o-Meter, which in my opinion doesn't have much interesting items... But they are "free" so I don't complain!

I say "free" (although is another way from Stardoll to make us spend and buy more sd) because I personally won't spend any money to get them, but as these days there have been some releases (Gucci and YH, for now) I've got the gift-o-meter items by free.

Maybe the only interesting item for me would be the military coat, but it's not a "wow".

But as you already know, I think that everything can be matched so... CHALLENGE!! I'll try to style them!

1. GOM Designer Cinderella Pumps
I saw it clear when I received these shoes... Sheer layering! I didn't like them much when I saw them in the gift-o-meter, but now they're styled I've changed my mind. I bet I'll use them more than once!

2. GOM Loose Velvet Top

This top was made for these shoes, right? I didn't want to make a party look for this top, because it's maybe too typical, so I opted for a formal outfit. I think the shirt fits perfectly with the top and the jeans go great with that hat!

3. GOM Designer Vivier Inspired Clutch
God... I hate "princess pink with flowers" items... So imagine what did I think when I saw this purse haha! I tried to mix styles and create a modern princess look and I really like the result!

4. GOM Shoulder Mini Dress
Again, didn't want to make a party look because it's the easy way, so I gave it a formal touch. I don't use those shoes since... well I can't even remember, but I can say... ages! But they look great with the glasses and shirt!

This is not the end! I've styled the 1-4 items, so stay tuned for the next 5-10!

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2016

OOTD #56

I'm a marshmallow and I like it
(wishes come true haha)

(using Young Hollywood new collection coat and shoes)

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Battle of Style: New ANTIDOTE

I really liked most of the items from this last ANTIDOTE collection! It was full of colours and textures.

I also included some outfits as inspiration for the released, but as I found a lot of looks from many dolls, I decided to make a new entrie just styling Antidote!

And I also decided to include them in a poll to see which are your favourite looks!

SoMillie and Holi_C

hankipankidoni and JanetteLow

So, which are your favourites?

You can vote in the poll the 3 outfits you like the most!

¡Sigue el blog!