jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Decoration: How important is the background?

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear, and when we get the perfect outfit... 

Now what?

The background over which we put our doll is as important as the outfit she's wearing. Why? If we choose the correct one, we can make our doll stand out.

The colours, the shape, the textures... of the clothing and furniture have to be consistent.

Let's see some examples, comparing a correct background and another which is not (from my point of view, as always!):


In the first picture, there's armony of colours and everything seems to be in its place. The second background isn't really bad, but the colours really don't match correctly.


Again the same background (first picture) is the one that better works, because the outfit has the same colours as the furniture. In the other picture (second one), the sweater gets confused with the wall because they both are white. Also the brown details of the look doesn't match well with the black and white room.


Both pictures have an armony of colours, but the problem (again) is that in the second one the black sweater gets confused with the black wall. However, in the first picture, the sweater stands out.


In the first time, the total white outfit stands out from the dark brown room, however, in the second room it doesn't because the wall is also white and the floor is also a light colour.

Always I make a new outfit, I think automatically which background could be the best to stand out it.
Everything is important, so pay attention to these details!

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Final Task "Review"

Wow, long time... I've been busy, but today I bring you my personal point of view of... FINAL TASK of the Cycle 11!

The finalists, roco_90 and bornthiswaay (really well deserved), had to make five outfits with the last trends.

Here it is what they submited:


(trends in order: victorian blouse, 80's, candy colours, mod, sporty)


(trends in order: sporty, cut out, mod, victorian blouse, candy colours)

I have to say that both did great and, at least, my marks for each were really close.

I loved the Mod outfit from roco_90, she really got the idea of the style and reflected it in her look. Also the Candy Colours outfit got me like "wow!", that skirt fits great with the rest of clothing.

The Victorian Blouse outfit of bornthiswaay transmits elegance and has the classic touch that makes it perfect. And her Candy Colours look is also one of my favourites, I would wear it any time!

And finally the winner is... BORNTHISWAAY! Both were close, and for a few points more, bornthiswaay got the first place! Congraaaaats, you did amazing! ^^

It's been a great experience judging this cycle. I've learnt a lot and met lovely people!

Stay tuned to the club, next cycle will start soon!

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

In the streets: Leather fever

Black leather jackets are one of the "must have" in your closet, for one main reason: the can be matched with EVERYTHING! Lady, rock, masculine, casual, formal, bohemian, funny, sober...

And my favourite combination is leather jacket + long skirt (my two weakness haha!)

So that's what this post is about: LEATHER JACKETS!

As you can see in these examples, leather jackets give a lot of personality to any look.

So this time I have created some outfits with my doll and other ones:





martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

FM-STYLE: Cycle 11 - Task 9 "Review"

This time contestants had to make an outfit basing in this text (written by Judith *.*):

"You could tell without knowing her that she was a confident independent woman. She walked everywhere like she owned the floor she was stepping on. She had never been an insecure person, she had never worried about others opinion. She didn’t have to pretend because she already fitted in. Her arrogance, her snobbishness, her pride emanated from every pore in her skin while a deep desire of disconnecting from her hectic life popped a little big through her clothes choice. She was who she was, and for an unknown reason people seemed to like her."

I think is not easy at all making an outfit basing in something as abstract as a text, but it tells a lot about how it should be. It's important to understand correctly how is the woman's personality, because that's what will define the look created, every phrase in the text gives you clues to know it.

Here are the key words to make a good outfit:

confident independent woman
never worried about others opinion
didn’t have to pretend
arrogance, snobbishness, pride
deep desire of disconnecting from her hectic life
people seemed to like her

So what I see is a woman with a strong personality who only cares about her own opinion, but wants to change her life (not her personality).

Judges we didn't have to make any outfit this time, but I made one so I'll post it here to show you my point of view in this task:

There were two contestants that, in my opinion, got the idea of the text:



Who based her outfit in the classic combination of white and black.



Who decided to use bright colours in her outfit.

Both of them tried to show an independent and self-confidence woman, and they did great!

And next task will give the chance to come back to competition to a previous contestant, which is great! 

See you next week with Task 10! 
(by the way, semi-final and final tasks are almost here!)

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