domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Shopaholic: New Stores! #1

So, as I promised in the last post, here are the outfits using some of the items from the new stores in Starplaza.

There were many stores and I've made many looks too (7 looks) with a quick description of each!

#1: RUNWAY Ruffle Dress

This is my favourite item with no doubt. It's fresh and gives me spring vibes! It's always difficult to combine a detailed dress in a creative way (not only with some shoes and a bag). 

I'm pretty happy with this outfit, I think the skirt matches perfectly with the dress because black details join both clothes.

#2: VINYL Socks and shoes

Here, the style of the Martens shoes flows in the rest of the outfit. It's trendy, feminine and vintage. I feel like walking down the old streets in Chicago or New York!

#3: ACTIVE Track Suit Jacket

Elegant and sophisticated looks are boring. They're cooler with sporty clothes!

#4: MMF Pucci Inspired Pants

These pants are great, but difficult to combine (at least to me!). Finally I've opted for a daily and comfy look, because we never use flats in Stardoll and we definitely should!

#5: VINYL Adidas Sandals

I have to say it again. THEY ARE SOOOO GREAT! So trendy! 
And yes, I'm a freak who wears them with socks, AND I LOVE IT!

#6: VINYL Hipster T-Shirt

I've used also the Active sneakers and they really pop out. But I based this outfit in the T-shirt.

A basic tank with some sporty pants (with a great plastic texture, which is the main piece of the outfit) and complements in black. I just love this! 

#7: TRAILS Sporty Skirt

This skirt got me like... *.*! I didn't want to make a very detailed outfit, and either a sporty outfit. So I decided to make a simple, comfy and chic look with only 5 basics. And I love the result!

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