lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Shopaholic: HB's Armani Dress

Well, this is a funny story... Not at first, but it is now...

What happened was that I was in Starbazaar looking for some items, when I suddenly clicked in the wrong place and bought a dress by mistake... 

So I spent 18sd in something that I didn't even like... (at least it wan't a 100sd mistake) haha!

I'm talking about this dress:

The Hot Buys Armani Inspired Dotty Dress

At that moment I was like... "Really?" hahaha

But as you already know, I like challenges so I told myself that I could give it a chance and try matching it before putting it on sale again.

And I really like the results!

What first came to my mind was making the typical outfit with just some golden shoes and clutch, but then I decided to go further and being more creative. This is what came out:

I transformed it into a skirt. It wasn't easy as the bottom is huge so I had to add some gloves to make the hands.

This is my favourite of both! I make it part of another dress.

Although I like these two outfits and I'm really proud of them, I think I will sell it anyway because I don't think I am wearing it again...

But it's been interesting! Maybe I buy something else "by mistake" in another occasion hahaha

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