viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Review: Tingeling Halloween Couture

Long time since I made the last review! But there is a new Halloween Couture collection from Tingeling and I had to share with you my opinion.

I usually don't like these kind of collections because they have excentric dresses and clothes that are difficult to match or really limited.

But this time I have to say that it has surprised me in a good way!

In general, the textures are fine and the prices are reasonable, excepting the dresses, they are too expensive in my opinion.

About the Halloween thing, it has a mysterious touch, but I was expecting more in that way. Plus I think that the snake thing doesn't work properly. The only two "snake" items that I really like are the Serpentine Headpiece and the Chunky Serpentine Necklace. Actually I like the Lace Body excepting for the golden snake...

It still has long dresses, but this time they are simple and monochromatic, which lets us making lots of different combinations. My favourite long dress is undoubtedly the Chiffon Beaded Gown, it emphasizes the body shapes and has a beautiful fall.

The Cobra Coctail Dress is another lovely item from this collection. It has a beautiful neckline and I really think it can be part of great outfits so I'm sure I'll end up buying it.

Finally, what did I buy...?

These three items are my faves from the collection. I think they have a lot of personality and can be the main piece in any look.

And yes, I made some outfits!

Serpentine Tuxedo Jacket: love the shapes, lines and textures possible combinations here. (I had to add the room cause' the outfit goes great with it!)

Chunky Serpentine Necklace: looking great over a plane top.

Emerald Booties: Maybe the most difficult to wear, but finally did!

As always, you can give your opinion in the comments! Also check the previous posts if you missed them!

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