martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

Review: Stardoll feat.

New store where the dolls are the protagonists!
Three dolls, three floors, three styles:

This first floor is designed by Amy.-.Winehouse is maybe a bit excentric for me. It's inspired by Medusa, which is a good idea, but this is not exactly the result I was expecting...

Although I don't like much the collection, there are two items I don't "hate". These are the ripped denim skirt and the blue fur coat.

(and yes, I'm styling them!)

The second floor has been designed by Charley24 in a victorian style. It is elegant, but maybe too simple. She could have played much more with bows and laces, and adding more cute shoes.

The items I like from this floor are the white shirt and the black sweater, but I decided to style other items too:

(using boots from third floor too in the last outfit)

And finally the best floor (from my point of view) designed by Frankieiz12
More casual, more trendy and more wearable, my fave without doubts!

I like everything in this floor and of course couldn't help buying some!
(I bought the brown skirt, sheer boots and beige boots)

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