sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

Gift-o-Meter CHALLENGE #1

These days Stardoll has added this Gift-o-Meter, which in my opinion doesn't have much interesting items... But they are "free" so I don't complain!

I say "free" (although is another way from Stardoll to make us spend and buy more sd) because I personally won't spend any money to get them, but as these days there have been some releases (Gucci and YH, for now) I've got the gift-o-meter items by free.

Maybe the only interesting item for me would be the military coat, but it's not a "wow".

But as you already know, I think that everything can be matched so... CHALLENGE!! I'll try to style them!

1. GOM Designer Cinderella Pumps
I saw it clear when I received these shoes... Sheer layering! I didn't like them much when I saw them in the gift-o-meter, but now they're styled I've changed my mind. I bet I'll use them more than once!

2. GOM Loose Velvet Top

This top was made for these shoes, right? I didn't want to make a party look for this top, because it's maybe too typical, so I opted for a formal outfit. I think the shirt fits perfectly with the top and the jeans go great with that hat!

3. GOM Designer Vivier Inspired Clutch
God... I hate "princess pink with flowers" items... So imagine what did I think when I saw this purse haha! I tried to mix styles and create a modern princess look and I really like the result!

4. GOM Shoulder Mini Dress
Again, didn't want to make a party look because it's the easy way, so I gave it a formal touch. I don't use those shoes since... well I can't even remember, but I can say... ages! But they look great with the glasses and shirt!

This is not the end! I've styled the 1-4 items, so stay tuned for the next 5-10!

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