domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016


New ANTIDOTE collection! 

It's not one of my favourite stores, but it always has some items that are nice. Another thing that I like is that doesn't change its style, it's very unique. 

This time I have mixed feelings... 

First of all, the bad part: there are some pieces that, in my opinion, could have had better graphics and in general a better desing. I'm talking about the high boots, purple skirt, green top, zig zag printed leggins and dress...

(Really...? These graphics... Really?)

I also have to say that I personally don't like items that have the name of the store on them.

However, the rest items have so much personality and can be main pieces in many outfits!

Here are my faves that I didn't buy:

I LOVE the jacket but I was late so it was sold out... And same for the shirt...

About the skirt, at first sight it didn't catch my attention, but after seeing some outfits with it I have to say that now I really like it and I think it can be interested to match (again, late to buy it haha)

(always late, I wanna cry, and I wanna be rich)

And that Balenciaga bag... While a was writing this post I bought it hahaha So it should be in the "faves that I bought" part!

Now my faves that I bought!

I FELL IN LOVE with that coat... It's just... Perfect for me!

And... what's better than a super sleeved fluor top? That's perfect for me too!

Aaaand, the choker, a "must have"!

I bring you some inspiration too!

This outfit from roco_90 was the one that made me love that skirt! The prints mix here is so interesting, couldn't have matched it better!

Here's Andre1396 looking great on that Antidote jeans and matching them with the shirt. The perfect combination for that jacket and the complements give it the rock vibes that make it stand out!

By last, didifashonita in this total Antidote outfit that looks stunning and reflects perfectly the store style!

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